Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GW Warhammer Rock Troll and some old Grenadier

It has been way too long without an update here.  Despite the radio-silence, there have been a number of miniatures completed.  I will be posting them here in batches:

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rock-Troll

Next up - color scheme test for GW Warhammer Fantasy Battle High Elf Army:
There will be both an archer unit and spear unit with this rusty/tundra color scheme.  Also, a ballista team with commander is nearly finished as well.  I'll post those soon.

1985 Grenadier Female Warrior - with an interesting 'Battle Tiara'

 Legends/Reaper Shambling Mound/Swamp Monster

1984 Grenadier 'Fighting Wizard' - but on the back he has a scimitar, so, i.e. DRUID!  Staff was originally longer, but this one had a casting defect.  More to follow!

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