Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oldies but goodies

So here's a few pics from the years past - some old mini's that I painted and are stashed in the back of the miniature display case.  I also found this picture of a visit from a gaming buddy of mine - we unearthed the old gaming table.  It is amazing how that table seemed so much bigger back then.  Also, too, the stickers kind of date us...

Anti Paladin

Champion of Tzeentch

Champion of Tzeentch Conversion

Dr. Who 2nd Doctor - Patrick Troughton

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Archer

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Greatsword

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Green Knight

Warhammer Fantasy Empire Blue Knight



Gnome Fighter

Ice Elf Warrior

Mage Champion of Tzeentch

Mage Tzeentch Conversion

Warhammer Fantasy Mercenary


Minions of Nurgle


Vintage Grenadier Paladin

Purple Horror of Tzeentch

Skaven Assassin

Skeleton with Halberd

Tzeentch Mage

Tzeentch Mage on Flying Disc

Simple Woodsman