Monday, October 17, 2011

Imperial Guard (Desert), Necrons and Salamander Terminators

So it's been a while for an update here - but it isn't due to lack of activity.  Pictured here is an addition to my slowly growing Desert-themed Imperial Guard army, the start of a new necron army and another start to my son's Salamander Space Marine army.  Enjoy.  All mini's game's workshop, paints by Vallejo.  the Imperial Guardsmen Heavy Weapons unit has a scratch built base along with sand bags made by Tamiya WW2 line.  Weathering on the minis was my first use of the Tamiya pastel weathering products.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warhammer 40K Custom Imperial Guard Units

So I've been working (slowly) on building a custom desert-themed Imperial Guard Army - hopefully for tournament use someday.  I have most all of the heavy and light units and I'll give a unit and points breakdown one of these days as well.  For the time being, I thought I'd post a pic of some of the test units for color schemes.  The idea is that the planet is protected by standard PDF Guard units (think National Guard) and are supported by a few actual Imperial Guard units as well as a unit of tactical space marines trained especially for desert combat.  Model-wise, the PDF unit is a hybrid between Warhammer Fantasy Battle Militia boxed set (Dogs of War) and a standard Imperial Guard Infantry unit.  The army will also have a unit of Psykers, Ratling Snipers, and several heavy machinery including the Imperial Guard Bombard heavy artillery ( custom kit).  Without further ado, here are the test units:

The base with barbwire fence is custom built with components from Galeforce 9 (grit), Army Painter ('Battlefields Highland Tuft - 6mm), Curled Barbwire strand (custom made from small gauge wire), Fence Posts (wooden dowels).  I use Vallejo Paints exclusively on all of my miniatures.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DBA Madness! Ancient Brits (Celts) vs Imperial Romans

I've been busy with a number of things which has prevented me from posting/painting as of late.  I hope to remedy that and to begin with, I will post my most recent miniature endeavor:

So, my good gaming buddy 'mothertruckin' (his boardgamegeek alias) has introduced me to DBA. DBA stands for De Bellis Antiquitatis.  It is a historical miniatures wargame that features 15mm historical minis.  The game is by Wargames Research Group.  I'll be using the Ancient Brits (Celts) and he'll be using the Imperial Romans.  I'll detail his army as he builds it.  We're hoping to build into further armies including Aztects and other interesting ethnic units.

I purchased my set from Corvus Belli and his Imperial Romans will be made by the same company.  The Corvus Belli 15mm Ancient British boxed set comes with a complete army so there's no need to hunt and peck to piece your army together.  They are provided unpainted and unbased.  The only assembly required is gluing them to your base of choice, adding shields to certain units and also the assembly of riders to horses for cavalry units as well as assembling the chariots and riders.  The boxed set comes with the following:

2 Units of Cavalry (2 horses and 2 riders per unit)
2 units of bare-chested spearmen (2 men per unit)
4 chariots (each with 2 horses and 2 riders, 1 of which is Queen Bodica)
2 units of slingers (2 men per unit)
10 units of swordsmen/spearmen (this is an an assortment, but each units has 3 men)

The 15mm scale lends itself to retaining some level of detail, yet not so detailed as to really slow down the process.  I painted the following so far in about 3 days of several hours a day:

So the units complete so far:
1 chariot with riders
2 units of spearmen
2 units of slingers

Corvus Belli 15mm Ancient British
Paints: Game Color by Valejo
Bases: Litko Rectangular Miniature Bases 40x15mm (spearmen and slinger units)
           Litko Square Miniature Bases 40mm (chariot)
Basing Grit:  Gale Force 9 Fine Sand Grit

Assembled and Painted by yours truly.  More to come as the army grows!