Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dwarven Monk vs Owlbear

 These are two of five miniatures commissioned by a member of  I'm painting the miniatures for use in his D&D campaign.  Pictured here is a dwarven monk that is testing his meddle against a snowy owlbear.  Bets anyone?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Extreme Zombie Hunter at Fargo Core Con 2010

I was recently invited as a guest of honor at Fargo Core Con 2010 (  I had a booth and gave a presentation on composing for THE CALL OF CTHULHU and upcoming THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS.  I did manage to get away to the game room and partake in a few games.  One extremely fun game was Xtreme Zombie Hunter.
From the publisher:
Xtreme Zombie Hunter is a comedic table-top miniatures game compatible with all 25mm miniatures of Zombies and the personality types that might hunt them. Set in a fictitious modern day America where Zombies are real and hunting them on national TV has become all the rage! XZH delivers a simple system, which is character driven to encourage replayability, full of laughs and can be enjoyed by 1 or more players. XZH lets you experience the hysterical nature of a B style Zombie movie with a twist.

The game began with myself and the second player both rolling snake-eyes and breaking our sniper rifles as we landed.  We got everyone's attention in the game room with our whooping and yelling with those rolls.

I was immediately surrounded upon landing on the playing field by a mob of 'howlers' represented by the zombie clowns.

I did manage to fight my way through and head towards a building where another player had already found and initiated the beacon.  Of course, the beacon not only summons the chopper (which arrives on at a randomly determined time) but it also causes the zombies to swarm to the beacon's location.  One of the players spent a good deal of his time being chased around the building as shown in the picture below.

While he was leading them around the building, we raced towards the other side where the beacon was.  He managed to outrun most of the zombies, but upon turning the corner, they smelled his brains and the chase began anew.  We managed to all make it to the beacon, save for the one player being chased.  Another player used the 'plug!' option which requires you to stop and give a plug for your sponsor (the game is being broadcast to tv viewers - think RUNNING MAN).  Despite the back-stabbing move, the plugged player managed to make it to the beacon.  We continued to fight off the zombie hoard that was gradually swarming over us and were eventually all rescued.  The GM said he had not had a game where everyone survived!


I'll be posting more pics and games from the 2010 Fargo Core Con soon...