Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Troll is a Troll...or not?

Concerning the River Troll.

I bought this mini back when Citadel/Games Workshop were still making these in some form of metal.  The 'new' version of this is a recast in the plastic that they are now releasing all of their minis in.  The interesting thing is that the plastic ones are nearly three times the cost that these were upon release.

Technical info: Miniature: Citadel River Troll, old pewter version. Painted by Troy Nies with Vallejo Game Color paints. Custom base: GaleForce 9 Basing Grit: Rocky GF9 92023. Base water: Vallejo Water Effects: Pacific Blue 26203. Folliage: Heroscape Game. Miniature purchased long ago at Meredith's, all other materials purchased at CROSSROAD HOBBIES.