Friday, March 26, 2010


I've recently been commissioned to paint some minis for a fellow gamer on my favorite play-by-post site,

He liked the owlbear from an earlier post here on the OOD.  The Owlbear is a Dungeon Crawl Classics mini, sculpted by Jason Wiebe, distributed by Goodman Games.  I really enjoy painting this mini - my fellow gamer requested a 'snowowl' variation of the Owlbear.  As you can see, the stark white fur and black-tipped feathers is a nice contrast and even enhances his visual ferocity.  After painting him, I had the idea to do a variety of owlbear styles based on environment.  For example, a tropical variation based on a bird of paradise or a sand-hue with red, blue, black and golds inspired by Egyptian Hieroglyphic-stylized owls and so on.  I'll be ordering more and will post them as completed.

I'll be protecting this mini with a coat of matte spray sealant, as he will be used as a recurring foe for tabletop gaming purposes.  I considered doing a snowy base similar to the 'Snow Patrol' mini I posted earlier here.  Since he was not going to be a display piece, I elected to do the grit and rock base, which will hold up much, much longer.  After a matte sealant is applied, this mini will enjoy feasting on many a player-character.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blast from the Past: Chaos Spawn Champion

In an effort to keep frequent posts here at Orb of Deception, I'll be pulling painted mini pics from my vaults.

I painted this mod back in 95 or 96 I think.  It is a combination of several Games Workshop miniatures:  The hand was from a familiar pack, the lower portion from a Tzeentch flamer, the upper torso from a chaos marine and the sword arm is from a plague bearer.  Enjoy!

Looks like I just need to make a custom base for it now...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Traveller anyone?

Meet Lagon Vargas, founder of the "Vargas Effect".  He's soon to be active in a play-by-post Traveller campaign at  If you go there and decide to play - look me up, my username is 'InnsmouthMedic'.  I hope to see you there.

Also appearing is a Space Marine, "Sanchez".  Which will be played by my son.  Both were recently entered in a Reaper Miniature Painting Contest.  "Sanchez" or "cold patrol" tied for 5th place out of 21 entries.

Miniature: Reaper Chronoscape "Space Hero" sculpted by Glenn Harris.  Painted by Troy Sterling Nies.  Base scratch built by Troy Sterling Nies.  First Aid Kit and O2 Tank Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
Miniature: Reaper Chronoscape"Nova Corp Soldier" sculpted by Bobby Jackson(gun modified by Troy), painted by Troy Sterling Nies.  Base scratch built by Troy Sterling Nies.