Friday, April 20, 2012

WAAAGH! Da Orcs.

So here's some before and after shots of the orcs from the Blackfire Peaks 40K starter box:

The entre blackfire peak Orc units (save for the 3 helicopters) were done in roughly 2-3 days and only because the Army Painter varnish (strong tone) was used and took some time to properly cure.  It is recommended to let them cure 24-48 hours before using the Matte Sealer (Army Painter).  These were all base-coated with simple single-color base coats using Vallejo paints, then dipped into the Army Painter Strong tone varnish, dried for 48 hours and then matte-coated with Army Painter Matte Spray.  The entire force is game-table worthy and looks fairly decent.  Coming up Imperial Guard Jouran Dragoons with 'Desert Mirage' paint scheme, Salamanders and other vehicles...

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